the connectional table

The Connectional Table is where vision, ministry and money are brought to the same table to coordinate the mission, ministries, and resources of The United Methodist Church.


The Connectional Table has been collaboratively engaged in:

  • Identifying four areas of focus for churchwide ministry;
  • Sponsoring research on the state of
    the Church; and
  • Laying the groundwork for equitable change as the Church grows worldwide.

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Background and purpose

Established by the 2004 General Conference, the Connectional Table oversees the coordination of mission, ministries and resources across the denomination.

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Our Members

Members of the Connectional Table represent a broad cross-section of the church, including lay and clergy members from around the world.

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Our Structure & Organization

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An invitation to conversation

The Connectional Table looks forward to extending the dialogue into annual conferences and beyond as we dream together about the future of our great denomination.

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